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New Years?

Just wondering what the K-Town furries want to do for New Years this year?

There are many options out there, one is that we all have a good party like celebration at Minos resturaunt. lil_babytiger has to work on New Years, so we could spend time with him while he works. It would also be a good time for everyone.. good food, good music, and a nice atmosphere. I would suggest formal dress for the party though, as it would be nice for us all to put on our best, and have some fun.

There are a number of other things that we can do as well. What I am asking for here are recommendations from people on what we can do to have a little fun to ring in the new year. If we want to have a party at the house, I will remind everyone that drinking at furmeets at the house is no longer permitted. I am sorry if that is a disappointment to people, but the reasons I believe have been clearly stated to everyone.

If there is a party at my place, I will only provide Soft Drinks, and a small assortment of chips/snacks for people. Anything special you want, or anything, you will have to bring yourself.

I would like to see everyone included in this, so I am hoping for the meet at Minos Downtown, so that BT can at least come out and say hello from time to time, and so that he can have some fun too. If people don't like the idea, or already have plans, that is ok, but I would like to know what they are before I start to book things.

Reply to either here, or to the Mailing List.


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*kicks off the dust*

Wow.. I think I need to give this place a kick in the pants.

Ok furs, this is just a suggestion I am throwing out for people, before we post it to the Yahoo Group. What does everyone think about a Halloween party?

Every year at the apartment, we go all out for Halloween... decorate the house... scare the pants off people... general mayhem.. you know.. standard stuff.

Usually we shut it down by 9pm, but I am going to suggest that we start at like 8pm. Not only is it Halloween, but it is also Orrin's birthday that day.. So, in honour of the wuff, I suggest....

The K-Town Furries Present: A Night of Evil Dead

That is right.. Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2.. maybe even some Army of Darkness...

What does everyone say? Sam Raimi... Bruce Campbell.... You know you want to..... :D

Friday Oct. 31, 2003

8:00pm - 9:30pm Evil Dead
9:30pm - 10:45pm Evil Dead II
10:45pm - 12:15am Army of Darkness

That is the proposed timeline people, you can add comments or suggestions as you want.. I may even look into setting up the projector again, so they can be shown on the big screen.. but I am not sure. Let me know.

Food: You supply whatever you wish to bring.
Drinks: Bring your own.

Drop suggestions, comments, whatever, and I will see what I can do.
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K-Towners Unite!


We have created a place on LiveJournal where the furs of Kingston can meet, chat, and discuss things that are relative to them. We want to try to bond the community here in Kingston, make it a strong presence in the fandom.

So this is a call to all furs in Kingston with a LiveJournal to use this community to plan meets and just general chit chat.

No from Kingston, and still want to post? No problem! We accept all furs here, and will not turn away anyone.. If you are planning a trip to the Limestone City, then stop by and let us all know! We would love to hold a little meet and greet, show you around, and generally have good furry fun :)

Post! Talk! Bond! It is all part of being in the community of furry...

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