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K-Towners Unite!

Jun. 16th, 2003 | 06:08 pm
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music: Nobuo Uematsu - Otherworld
posted by: prplhaze in k_town_furries


We have created a place on LiveJournal where the furs of Kingston can meet, chat, and discuss things that are relative to them. We want to try to bond the community here in Kingston, make it a strong presence in the fandom.

So this is a call to all furs in Kingston with a LiveJournal to use this community to plan meets and just general chit chat.

No from Kingston, and still want to post? No problem! We accept all furs here, and will not turn away anyone.. If you are planning a trip to the Limestone City, then stop by and let us all know! We would love to hold a little meet and greet, show you around, and generally have good furry fun :)

Post! Talk! Bond! It is all part of being in the community of furry...


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